How To Become a Computer Technician

So you want to be a Computer Technician, but you do not know how? Well guess what, I am going to tell you how.

First things first, I am blunt and to the point. I hate typing and thinking about grammar, that is why I went into the Technology field.

I have over 10 years experience in web design, computer networking, hardware, software, java programming, Apple & IBM (pc) format computers, telephone work, home theaters etc, etc, etc, & I make a lot of money doing. So basically I know what I am talking about & I am going to give you some advice that took me 10 long, hard years to learn.

1. MOST IMPORTANT: LEARN how to find the right answers. This can be true for ANY field, ANY person works in. You do not need to know everything, and guess what, if you spend the next 10 years reading, going to school & obtaining certificates, you still would not know all there is to know in the field of Technology. But if you can figure out what resources will help you find a solution for you the fastest, then you are on your way.

2. Go to school and / or get certificates. Of course you need to learn about computers, software, hardware etc to become a computer technician. Find something that fits you, something that makes you excited to go. 4 year schools are not for every one, so make sure they are right for you if you choose to go. In my 4 years in college the only thing I learned to do is program at Level II in Java (a blind monkey could program at that level) and drink a lot of beer. 2 year schools are good because the get straight to the point about the actual jobs you will be doing out in the REAL world. (I was offered a teaching position at one of these 2 year schools at the ripe old age of 25, I laughed in their face & said no because of the salary they were offering). Certificates are important regardless if you get a 2 or 4 year degree. They tell other people that have NO CLUE about technology that you, indeed have a clue about technology

Did you follow that?

A couple of certificates that I highly recommend are the A +, Networking + and any Microsoft Support Certification.

3. Be patient, with yourself and the people you work with. You will always be learning if you become a computer technician. The average lifespan for a particular model of technology (ie computers) is about 2 years. Meaning as soon as you buy it, it is OLD. Things change everyday in Technology and you have to keep up with it!

4. Have a Positive Attitude! Remember, when people call you or you are dispatched out to work on someone's computer, TV etc, they are usually frustrated. Most people will try to fix the issue themselves before calling anyone because they are cheap. By the time you or I get there they are ready to cry. A positive and friendly attitude will go an EXTREMELY LONG WAY. You will be their savior and they will tell all their friends about you. This point may be the most difficult, especially in technology because not very many people understand how it works and because our lives are so dependent on it.

That is it, 4 simple steps.

Can you handle it?

These are the 4 things I have tried to do over the last 10 years. Trust me, I am no genius, not by a long shot. But I figured out how to find the right answer for the problem, combined with an education, some certificates and the right attitude, I have people knocking down my door for my services.

Read this article a couple of times until this info really sinks in. This advice works so use it!

Stop sitting there and get busy!

For more information on How To Become a Computer Technician, check out a couple of these sites I have listed in my bio, those will help.

Good Luck!