Ideas For Fashion Photography

There are a million different concepts and ideas when it comes to fashion photography. It is a highly searched term, and many of the ideas really depend on if you are doing an editorial or fashion project for kids or adults. I have listed below some ideas, that may help you get your ideas going as well.

White Backdrop.

One of the most classic fashion photography settings is a simple white background. It is one of my personal favorites! So clean and classy, ​​you can not go wrong, or can you? Well yes you can, unless you are a professional photographer, you probably should not attempt a white backdrop. It is so simple, yet so difficult to edit. The RGB color for white is "ffffff" and that is very difficult to get without blowing out your subject. Do your research, or if you already know how to shoot against a white backdrop, then do not over think "fashion photography", sometimes simple is best.


Think of a whimsical type setting, I do many of these types of settings for my editorials because I love whimsical type feels. Think vines, trees, forests, ponds and do not try to recreate them but try to do more of an "abstract" type feel, not literal. If you try to make it look like it is really outside when you are shooting in a studio, it can end up looking very cheesy.

Green Screen.

Do your shoot against a green screen and then put whatever type of feel you want for the backdrop. Again, be careful with this as well, if you are not a professional photographer that knows how to do this type of technique, you should master it first as it can also end up looking very cheesy if it is done poorly.

Setting Already Created.

Go to an old vintage home, or an ice cream parlor. Go to a place where the whole scene is already created, then you will spend a lot less money, but also have a very authentic scene. I have thought of going to old pawn shops, brick buildings, alleys, etc.

Stay away from hair pieces, and makeup that is too distracting but focus more on the fashion itself. You never want to have a scene for fashion photography that is so distracting your focus is drawn to the background and scene before you actually notice the clothing. The fashion is what it is supposed to all be about.