All The Gdynia Hotels Are At The Center Of Activity

You may think of Poland as a dark, dreary, and old country. But a trip to Gdynia would show you a different Poland. Here is a modern city with an active life. It is one city of a tri-city area where all the popular bars and nightclubs are located. And for the traveler, there are plenty of Gdynia hotels that are all conveniently located to these nightlife hot spots.

One of the hottest places to start your nightlife in Gdynia is at the Barbados. This is one of the most popular restaurant and bar combinations and is the place to start your Saturday night. If you’re hungry for pizza, then the Barbaresco is the bar & restaurant to go.

And for a unique Polish style, the Café Strych is a must. From the interior décor that is quite unique and unusual, you’ll get one of the best rounds of drinks in Poland here. And what is best of all, after a night of dancing and drinking, many of the Gdynia hotels are in walking distance.

Gdynia hotels offer the visitor here close proximity to many other activities as well. This city has the newest in shopping venues that include plenty of unique shops and stores as well as the traditional ones. One of the most popular shopping centers is Batory. This large shopping center offers you a hundred combinations of restaurants, specialty shops, and stores.

Or visit Dom Towarowy Chylonia. This is a massive large store that has anything and everything you could want. And Gdynia’s first mall is the Klif, which still offers the best in shopping.

A full day of shopping will create an appetite and Gdynia won’t disappoint you. Polish foods are one of the most desired foods in the world and some of the Gdynia hotels offer their own restaurants and all are close to many Polish restaurants. There are restaurants that offer other cuisines from around the world as well, but each one will feature Polish dishes.

This may be a port city, but it isn’t anything like one may imagine. For the outdoor person, Gdynia hotels are all close to the many different outdoor activities that are here too. The modern conveniences of the outdoor spaces are close to the beautiful beaches, marinas, and parks. With so much do outdoor all year long, it seems a shame to stay inside any of the Gdynia hotels during the day!