Jobs For Artists Online

I had considered myself a professional artist for years before "breaking out" into art sales in 2006. I had worked freelance online before that, but I never had a real art job. I did indeed start working for a cartoon company and had a short run at that, but I soon found out that jobs for artists were not what they seemed to be. I went online and found an incredible opportunity to submit workflow and photos via email, and I took off with it.

Nowdays, work consists of a couple hours a day, and the money is tremendous. Sure work can get on your nerves, deep inside your skin, but this art job pays. After 2006, the income became very stable. I had no challenges until I began outsourcing the work in 2007. See I was always very good at doing it all myself, but there is a financial limit to that because you can not possibly do all of the work yourself, or can you?

Well I found the best and most rewarding way to do it right is to create hundreds of pieces first, then submit them to as many photo databases as possible. Without the distribution, the paychecks are simply smaller. There really is not limit to how much you can make, but it is most important to understand the work you put in now, is the most you ever need to do. The art sells itself once on the internet. Every time someone downloads one piece of art, I get paid $ 3.00. and that's just one piece of art! I have hundreds or art pieces being downloaded everyday and thousands of photos I have taken giving me a quarter every time. I might as well have an arcade! But with this, no upkeep, etc.

I keep the rights to everything I have ever done, so if someone ever buys the actual work exclusively, I can have my copies taken down off the websites immediately. There are tricks you can do to make more as well. Here's where it gets good: You can promote yourself and make even more. See, you do not need to if you do not feel like it, but do you want to make a lot of money doing this? Well I do not know about you, but I know I do. What I have done is painted 35 paintings in the last year, designed digital art in Photoshop and taken 3500 photos and uploaded them to 240 sites. On average, I get 1200 downloads a day. Now many of these downloads are for 0.25, but some of them are up to $ 5.00. I promoted my profiles on these sites and now the income is scary. Great stuff.