Super Cheap, Super Tasty Chinatown Food Walk

Chinese Lunar New Year coming up this Sunday. Year of the pig, or “DingHai.” Chinatown is not how it was. In the old, pre-Giuliani days — we’re talking 1988 — we stupidly wandered down Mott Street during the absolute climax of the celebration (the climax, in contrast to our one-second toaster pops, lasted a mind-blowing 48 hours), bottle rockets, cherry bombs, M-80s missing our eyes by nano-meters-total lawlessness. More perilous than the old July 4ths (again, pre-Giuliani). These days, we’re lucky to catch a dragon dance team from the local senior citizens center. Still, Chinatown food is better — and cheaper — than ever. We took the following walk, never spending more than a buck on any item. Bring a friend and gorge.

Chinatown super cheap, super tasty walk: (map of the food-walk area).

1. start at Mulberry Street pedestrian mall @ Broome Street

2. Jazz Wok, 176 Mott: Hong Kong style

3. Viet-Nam Banh Mi: 369 Broome, Vietnamese sandwiches

4. Nyonya, 194 Grand: Chinese-influenced Malaysian

5. Sun Dou, 214 Grand: dumplings, red-bean pancakes

6. Malaysian beef jerky, 95 Elizabeth

7. Food court/market, 79 Elizabeth: peanut soup

8. Tu Quynh, 230 Grand: Vietnamese snacks

9. Grand Street fish markets, Bowery/Christie

10. Dumpling house, 118 Eldridge: sesame beef pancake

11. Congee Village, 100 Allen: Cantonese porridge and more

12. Super Taste, 26 Eldridge: hand-pulled noodles

13. Skyway, 11 Allen: Malaysian

14. Taipei Noodle House, 7 Allen: Taiwanese dumplings

15. Sunkiss Market, 160 East Broadway: mustard-green sandwich

16. Fuzhon Good Taste Grocery, 75 East Broadway

17. New York Supermarket, 75 East Broadway

18. Yi Mei, 51 Division: four items plus rice and soup, $3!!!

19. Sanur, 18 Doyers: Malaysian snacks

20. Doyers Vietnamese Restaurant, 11 Doyers

21. Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, 65 Bayard

22 Yeah Shanghai Deluxe, 65 Bayard

23. Bangkok Center Grocery, 104 Mosco