7 Strategies To Help You Get In Shape

Even people who begin out with good intentions can lose the battle against unhealthy habits. Here's where a gentle more kind approach can make a difference in your workout routine and fitness plan. It can be broken down into seven strategies.

Strategy 1: Strategy by Strategy and little by little.

If there's a secret to increasing your health and fitness without the need for pain and willpower, then this is it. Be consistent … increase the demands you place on yourself in small, achievable Strategies and allow yourself time. You will see results!

Strategy 2: It does not have to hurt.

For the average person, regaining fitness and health does not have to result in an extreme sport. Take slow, paced, progressive steps. Keep gradually pushing the envelope. There's no need to dive into the deep end. If tossing the whole pack away has failed in your attempt to give up smoking, try cutting down to just one or two cigarettes a week, then maintain that reduction until it becomes the norm. Cold turkey is effective for some people but not everyone.

Strategy 3: Do not go it alone.

When you're trying to improve your health and fitness, it's easier with a partner. It can be a family member, friend, neighbor, whoever. You'll enjoy it more, you'll encourage each other, and you can exchange ideas. At the gym, a personal trainer can help you achieve your goals.

Strategy 4: choose a regular time that's best for you.

For most people, it's the morning when we have more energy and are feeling fresh. A pre-work workout can energize you for the whole day. For others, after work is better. An hour or so of exercise helps release the stress of the day or you could nip out to the gym on your lunch break. At most gyms, the treadmills are running between noon and two.

Strategy 5: Eat less. Is excess weight your demon?

The secret to losing pounds can be as simple as not eating as much (taking in fewer calories) and being more active physically (burning more calories). According to a best-selling book, French women do not get fat because they walk a lot and control there portions. It's a very simple solution. Allow yourself half as much as you normally would, then put the food away to discourage seconds. When you eat at a restaurant, eat half, take half home. Small changes make a difference.

Strategy 6: Variety is the spice of life and of workouts and dieting.

Boredom can come sooner than you think in exercise program. Vary your meals and workouts to keep them interesting rather than making it an ordeal, why not make it fun, you'll achieve more.

Strategy 7: Walk, walk, and walk some more.

Long distance, brisk walking, or any walking is great. You do not need special equipment or a gym membership to fit 15-30 minutes of walking into your daily exercise routine. Park a block or two from your destination. At the mall, choose the stairs, rather than the escalator. Find a nice looking neighborhood and take a look around at a brisk pace. On the weekends, head for beach and walk or buy a dog and take pleasure in walking him day and night.