Learn the Stock Market Online – Income Funds

Want to learn stock market online? Keep reading because in this article that is exactly what we are going to be doing.

Learn the stock market online – Income funds

In this article I am going to be teaching you about income funds. These are bonds that give high annuals returns 5-9% and trade on major exchanges. Also you do not need a stock broker to purchase them.

Income funds come in a huge variety of products such as.

· Real estate investment trusts – these are companies that own and operate commercial real estate such as shops, malls and apartments. They pay almost all of their income to investors in the form of dividends.

· Master limited partnerships – these are resource related companies such as oil or gas companies. These partners are risk through, this means that as the shareholder all income, loss, gains etc pass on to you.

· Royalty trusts – these securities have a a royalty relating to an under asset. They receive regular disputes related to the profits from these assets. Most of these are oil or gas related assets. Also note that because of these these trusts will see diminishing returns over time as their underlying assets dry up.

· Business Development Company – basically this is a mutual fund that invests directly into private companies. This allows investors to become involved in private equity without being professional investors.

· Closed end mutual funds – these are mutual funds that have a fixed amount of units and trade on the stock exchange. Most are invested in income producing securities such as municipal bonds.

These are the most popular income funds. If you are interested in some extra money at the end of the month look into them. If you want to learn stock market online please visit my blog by following the links below.