Over the Line Beach Baseball

"Over The Line" is a new sport becoming popular on American beaches. It is similar to baseball and softball. Because of its simplicity and the need for only six players, areas for this game are being set besides on many beaches.

Over the Line is played with a bat and ball. The ball is rubber, so there is no need for baseball gloves. Three people play on each team and will each get to bat in an inning. The boundaries for the game can be marked in sand or with a rope. The batter is at the tip of a triangle that extends in front of them into a straight line. From that point there is a rectangle that goes back. The side of the triangle in front of the batter is "The Line." The game is called "over the line" because the ball must be hit beyond this point to be in fair play.

The batter and the pitcher are on the same team. After three outs, the teams switch. A ball that is hit in the triangle will be an out. Just one strike will be an out and a batter that fouls twice will lose their turn. No bases are run, instead three hits equal one point, as does a ball that is hit past the last fielder.

Many beaches are now reserving space for this activity. Just like beach volleyball and basketball, the game can provide fun for the whole family. You may even make some friends while you are at it. If you find yourself to be quite skilled, there are tournaments you can enter.

"Over the Line" is a great activity for family vacations. A beach condominium rental on South Mission Beach can make access to the beach, and an over the line court, fast and easy.