Why Email and Chat Support Is Perfect for Small and Medium Businesses

When we read the words “customer service”, most individuals might think of one of these two scenarios:

  1. going to a mall’s customer service area with an actual customer service representative, or
  2. having to wait forever on the phone, press a couple of digits before they connect you to a line with an unenthusiastic CS Representative.

But truth be told, not all businesses can afford having a customer support team, much less those that people can easily reach in person.

This is why many small and medium businesses resort to hiring email and chat support agents. These representatives tend to their clients’ queries, complaints and suggestions. But is it the most practical step for customer care and business development? Let’s take a closer look at it.

It Encompasses a Lot of Customer-related Tasks

Email and chat support may seem like a simple term for non-voice methods of providing answers to clients. But more than providing answers, agents also handle order inquiries, order monitoring, and payment documenting. They also collect product and customer data.

It’s basically one job that’s created solely for the customers. Its main objective is to make sure that current and potential clients are being well taken care of. What’s more interesting is that these should be done with a target response rate in mind and genuine cordiality to customers.

It’s a Non-voice Platform

Not all clients are comfortable with speaking during phone calls. This is one of the strengths of email and chat support. It’s a free and useful mode of communication for people who are not fond of calls or personal interactions. This way, the clients are able to talk to representatives and freely voice out their thoughts. They don’t have to feel anxious about the whole situation.

It’s Less Stressful for You and Your Customer

Being a customer support agent can be stressful especially if you’re handling calls or interacting with the customers in person. It’s easy to miss some of what they say and get overwhelmed especially if the person isn’t in a particularly good mood.

While still stressful, customer service through email and chat support is a tiny bit more relaxed. Since everything is written down, it’s easy to go back and review the clients’ complaint. They can make sure that all of their points are covered and solutions are provided by the end of the conversation.

Like other types of customer service, online support is, in no way, easier. It has its own advantages and disadvantages. But it is one of the facets of digital marketing that small and medium businesses can maximize for business development. It’s practical, efficient and if done right, can be one of your business’ strongest arm to achieve stability and growth.