Quad Core Computer Basics and Their Importance For the High-End Users

With every upgrade of the computer processor, the techno-savvies experience faster processing and better performance. After the dual core computer, the quad core computer is a revolution in the arena of PC processors. Considered as a part of multi-core processor family, the quad core computers have displayed a significant increase in computer performance and there is no doubt that it is much faster than its previous generation processor. The faster performance of the new age processor is due to the algorithms used in the programs and it depends on the type of programs that run.

Wonderful performance:

When parallel programming and multi-tasking ability is concerned, performance of quad core computer is simply excellent. Ranging from high-end video game playing provision, Hardware virtualization, audio transcoding, and data folding, to video and photo editing, voice recognition facility, 3D rendering, and data folding, you can get faster performance in quad-core computers. With the multi threading processing it is possible to run maximum amount of virtual machines, the number depends on the memory space available on the computer though. You can work with virtual studio on XP or XP virtual machine. The specialty of quad-core computer is its multi-tasking performance.

The misconception:

Many people believe that the speed of the quad core computer is four times than that of the single processor computer. The concept is not totally wrong, because the processor can speed up the processing of only those programs that are specifically designed to run on quad-core computer. In those programs, the codes are written in way that allows to processor to perform four different tasks simultaniously. The multi-threading processor of quad-core computer

Comparing two models of Quad core family:

Intel and AMD are two popular brands of quad core computers. Kentsfield is the first of its kind by intel and also known as core 2 extreme quad-core QX6700. Conroe or Core 2 Extreme X6800 is its advanced and faster version. The latest 'Core' micro architecture technology is the base of these computers. Apart from being low-powered, the latest generations of these computers give high performance. Their excellence in performance can be observed in the fields such as digital content creation, actuarial sciences, engineering analysis, like CAD and financial applications. Ideally, these computers are best for users who require highly accurate scientific calculation. The main stream and commercial version of quad-core computers from intel is Core 2 Quad Q6600.

The quad core computers from the AMD are based on an innovative technology ie Silicon-on-Insulator process. Basically, the computers are built on a 65 mn process. The faster transistor is a unique feature of the computer that reduces the wasted heat and power. The computers from AMD has 'Enhanced Power Now' feature which adds to the power saving ability of the device. It allows to run each core of the computer at different speeds or turn off any of the core for more energy saving. The enhanced 'Crossbar Switch' another useful feature of the computer that allows the user to access different parts of the cores simultaneously. For much faster 'Hyper Transport' speeds AMD has developed its quad core computer with integrated memory controller and the latest 'Direct Connect Architecture 2.0'.

Quad core computers are basically designed for high end users and not for the general purpose use. Parallel programming, complex algorithm programs, and multithreading can easily be done with this high-end processor. The demand for quad-core computer will significantly increase in near future as the complex coding programming is increasing in every field.