Network Marketing Online – The Method

Network Marketing online works by giving you your own online store and leaving it up to you to get people there. By doing this the company save millions a month in advertising. Not to mention physically opening a shop in every mall and the cost of running it. So the money is saved by making it online. The incentive to you is the responsibilities.

Think of McDonalds. If you got a job as a manager, you would be given "your" store. Your job would be to run the place, including hiring staff, and following their formula to market their products. You get paid a salary. The people who own the company, the shareholders, they make the big bucks. What you want to be able to do is bank shares and make decisions from not just your store but from the sales made from the stores of your downline.

SFI – the company – and the Veriuni Store – it's "shop" – is no different from McDonalds. Literally. You follow a method that works and ANYONE can run it. Anyone. That's how McDs work. It follows an exact method that ANYONE can follow. Those kids on minimum wage making the burgers, fries and shakes have no knowledge of business, marketing or economics. Nor do they need any. They just follow the Method.

MIQ means Multiple Income Qualified. This sounds grand, but it's just a Method again – like McDonalds started selling burgers so that was one Income Stream. Then they put in the fries machine and that was 2 income streams. Then they added the milkshake and that was three income streams. You get the idea.

Do not get put off by all that, it's the Method that makes it work. Go to the Mall and you'll see McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, all selling fast food. It does not matter what they sell, it's the Method that makes it work.

McDonalds did not start selling chicken, KFC did not start selling burgers. They did not need to (chicken burgers are a hybrid that both restaurants sell and neither have them as a lead product) People at the Mall shopping will stop for lunch at one of them.

People surfing and searching the Net will sign up for business opportunities and buy stuff. If your site has it's Gateways up, you will get people "in".

As for the "Six Figure Income", "Internet Millionaire" bit, people either buy into that or stay skeptical.

Look at it this way. There are plenty of guys who run hamburger stands and burger vans who simply make a living. You see them everywhere. "Mr McDonald" turned HIS hambuger stand into a multi billion dollar international corporation. It's the same product, same method, how far someone goes with it is up to them.