How To Go From Normal to Crazy in 18 Years!

OK! So it is the week before school starts, and all I have heard is "Mom !! When are we going shopping?" Shopping ?? Did they all get jobs behind my back ?? We are a paycheck to paycheck sort of family, so of course I answer back, "I just went to the grocery store" !! I knew this isn't what they are referring to, but I was playing along. "Not to the grocery store-to the MALL !!" What? The mall? Do they sell groceries at the mall now ?? "What do you need at the mall?" I asked. "I need new clothes and shoes for school" says my oldest. "Go ask your Dad!" – thats my favorite little quip. As she rolls her eyes at me I can just hear that little voice in her head telling herself "I wish she would just fall off the planet".

My 10 year old has decided she wants to go live with her father. Of course she does !! Daddy has been an "asbent" parent for the last 9 years to say the least! Granted, he does pay child support, measely that it is, he pays it-courtesy of the State of Georgia who deducts it out of every paycheck.

I have tried to encourage a relationship between the two, providing lots of opportunity for visitation, trying not to say what a total deadbeat loser he is in front of her, and of course, providing all the excuses on why he didn't show up this time, or why she didn't receive any birthday gifts AGAIN this year. So in her eyes, he has never done anything wrong and it is just life's little "circumstances" that keep him from being Father of the Year !!

However, she is at that age when a young girl needs her father; a good male role model. This is the time to form opinions on what sort of man she will want to have someday-WAY down the road of life.

So, trying to be the good mother I want to be, I agree to let her stay for 1 "trial" year to see how things go. It is only been 3 months and I can already tell she is going to have the longest year of her life !! She has found out that Daddy is more strict than Mom ever was !! Talking back ?? You had better think twice at Daddy's house !!

My baby, the 4 yr old, starts her second year of Pre-K this year. She is so sweet and innocent now. I love this age with everything great begins with Mommy !! She has her mothers sassy attitude sometimes, but the imitation is so flattering, I can't help but laugh !! They grow up too soon-hang on as long as you can because before you know it she will be hollering "Mom !! When are we going shopping?"