Fitness Lifestyle Coaching – Take Responsibility

No one cares about you like you do, except perhaps your mom, and she wanted you to clean your plate. If you truly want success you must first take full responsibility for your results. No one else is ever going to catapult you to success in fitness and weight control or in life; you have to do it yourself.

In fact, others may want to see you fail. Subconsciously, even most of your friends are pleased by your failures because your success would remind them of there own shortcomings. If you're lucky you will make a handful of true friends who are rooting for you all the way, but otherwise, your own actions are the only control you have over your life.

Look into yourself and take personal responsibility for where you are right now. Accept that you are the only one who made it happen, and that you'll do whatever it takes to make a change. Don't accept any excuses for failure from yourself.

Although you're committed to changing, there are a number of negative habits and excuses we easily fall into. Identify them now so that you will catch them if they creep in and then reject them before they take hold.

When we first think about a change to something new, eg a diet, work or relationships, we tend to get very enthusiastic and set high expectations for the future. But when it's time to make the actual effort, we're rapidly discouraged if the success we hoped for doesn't come easily.

Instead of just boosting your expectations, use that initial excitement to face the risks in the reality of the situation. When you're ready to hit the gym, recognize that there is a risk of slow progress, and use your initial enthusiasm to see this as just part of a greater whole and that continued effort leads to success.