Fitness At Home – Working Out Without The Gym!

Working out and going to a gym can seem overwhelming, intimidating, and pricey. Improving your health and fitness doesn't have to take place in a gym or fitness center … You can lose weight and get in shape in the comfort of your home!

You also don't need hundreds of dollars worth of shiny dumbbells and fancy machines for a quality at-home workout! With these 2 simple and inexpensive items (found at Target, Sports Authority, or Wal-Mart) you can create your ultimate at-home fitness kit:
– Dumbbells (5lbs or 10lbs)
– Resistance Bands (available in various resistances)

Beginner Routine
(3 sets of 10-12 reps of each exercise)

Intermediate Routine
(3 sets of 12-15 reps of each exercise) [repeat entire routine 3x]

Advanced Routine
(3 sets of 12-15 reps of each exercise) [repeat entire routine 3x with no breaks!]

Start with 3-5 minutes of jogging in place, 20 squats, and 20 arm circles.
Finish with 1 set of 20 crunches.

1) Dumbbell Squat and Hammer Curl
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and toes pointed straight ahead.
Hold dumbbells directly at your sides.
Perform a squat (keeping knees aligned and pointed ahead.)
As you stand back up, curl the dumbbells up towards your shoulders (keeping elbows at your sides and keeping palms facing each other.)
Strengthens: legs, glutes, and shoulders

2) Pushups with Shoulder Taps
Strengthens: chest, triceps, shoulders, core

3) Lunge with Dumbbell Press
Stand with feet shoulder width apart and holding dumbbells at shoulder level.
Step forward with right foot (keeping heel lifted.)
Bend knees into a lunge, lowering left knee toward floor (keeping right knee aligned over ankle.)
Press the dumbbells directly overhead.
Use your right leg to step back into the starting position.
Strengthens: legs, glutes, shoulders and upper back

4. Band Curl and Upright Row
Stand on the band and hold the handles at your side. Curl with both arms and return to start position.
Rotate palms towards body, pull the band towards your chin in a dragging motion (keeping elbows above wrists) and return to starting position.
Strengthens: biceps, shoulders, upper back

5. Dumbbell Tricep Extension and Reverse Lunge
Start with feet shoulder width apart and dumbbell directly overhead. Step back with your right leg, bringing your right knee to the ground and bending your left leg into a lunge position.
As you do this, lower the dumbbell directly behind your head (keeping your elbows pointed straight ahead.)
Step back to the starting position and raise the dumbbell up.
Strengthens: legs, glutes, triceps

6. V-Ups
Start by lying flat on back, legs straight and arms overhead.
In the similar motion to a crunch, contract your abs and try to meet your feet and hands directly above your body.
Return to the starting position slowly.
Strengthens: Core

7. Band Row with Squat
Wrap the band around a secure object such as a tree or post.
While holding the band directly in front of you, squat down.
As you stand up pull the band towards your chest (squeezing your shoulder blades together.) Return to starting position.
Strengthens: legs, glutes, back

8. Plank Position
Hold for 30sec – 1min.
Strengthens: core

Stretch all major muscle groups.

Add an additional 3-4 cardio sessions a week for fat loss. (If you're new to cardio training, start with 30 minutes twice a week and gradually build up.)
The best time for cardio is directly after your workout – your glycogen (energy from carbs) will be used up so your body will rely more on fat for its energy needs!

The ideal cardio consists of 20-30min of interval training. This can be done on:

  • a treadmill
  • an elliptical
  • a stairmaster
  • a local hill