Fantasy Baseball – The Machine – Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols is a force at the plate. And that's putting it lightly. Pujols has numbers through 8 seasons that anyone would dream to have through an entire career. He has just started his 9th season with the St. Louis Cardinals and he is blowing by the 1,000 RBI mark. He already has 325+ home runs and a career average over an impressive. 330.

Even the most casual of baseball fan knows Pujols and is aware that he will end up among the greats when all is said and done, if not already.

It may not seem possible, but what Pujols does from a fantasy stand point may not be appreciated enough. Pujols is regularly drafted in the top three, if not first overall yet some managers just plug him in at first and never stop and admire what he is doing.

In his first eight seasons, the lowest HR total he finished with in a season was in 2007 when he hit … 32. His lowest ever total for RBIs in a season was also in 2007 with … 103. That's right, his worst season to date had a line of 32 home runs and 100+ RBIs, and that is his "off" year.

For fun, his best year was in 2006 where he played his fewest # of games (143) and hit 49 HRs and drove in 137. Simply incredible.

Pujols is as dependable as there is in the fantasy world, and having him in your lineup ensures solid production through the duration of the year.

Not enough can be said about what Pujols does, and just how rare the reliability he offers is in the modern baseball game.

As for the future, it is unclear just how deep into the record books Pujols will go, as it is uncertain how many years he will play. He is only 29 years old this year, which seems remarkable for the #s that I listed in the first paragraph of this article. Pujols is beyond a doubt the best current player in baseball and when all is said and done he may very well be the best ever.