Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts for Kids

It’s Thanksgiving and you are you trying to get dinner ready, maybe watch the game and the kids are underfoot. Why not keep them busy with some Thanksgiving arts and crafts for kids? Here are some easy and quick projects to keep your kids entertained.

Thanksgiving arts and crafts for kids can be simple and easy. Here are a couple projects to get you started.

Thanksgiving Hand and Feet Turkey:

What you’ll need:

construction paper in fall colors



wiggly eyes (optional)

Have the children trace their hands on different colors of construction paper. (Small kids may need help with this step)

On brown paper have kids trace their feet (with shoes on)

Cut out all the hands and feet.

Glue two feet pieces together with the heels overlapping a little. This makes the body.

To make the tail glue the hands overlapping with fingers at the top of the page onto a piece of construction paper in a half circle so they look like tail feathers.

Then glue the “body” on top of the feathers.

You can then add some eyes and some feet.

You’re done!!

Thanksgiving Wreath:

This one would be great for the whole family.

What you need:

Construction paper

poster board


nuts or buttons

Before dinner have everyone trace and cut out there handprints.

You will also need to cut out a circle of posterboard (for the wreath)

During dinner, each person can state what they are grateful for and write it on their handprint.

While the grown ups are cleaning up the kids can glue the hands around the posterboard wreath.

Add a couple large nuts or buttons as a focal point of the wreath and you’re done!!

Good luck and have an Abundant and Happy Thanksgiving.