Franchising a Business

"Franchise" is a word derived from French that literally means independence or privilege. Franchising is a strategy appointed by businesses to grow in the market. Franchising allows a number of independent units to share dependency and brand name of a particular company in the market. This indicated the franchises are not exactly independent companies but are representing the original company in an independent manner. This allows the company to have a major share in the market in form of these franchises as well as direct company branches and offices, thus allowing the company to dominate in the market.

Franchising allows the business to be opened quickly and more efficiently as the funding, employees, and d├ęcor are provided by the company. This allows the business to be launched quicker than an individual business with and with less hassles along the way. Also, since the franchise would be using an existing brand name, the business would already be on a strong footing with some customer base as soon as it is started. The franchiser needs to know that all the assets belong to the company and only the license belongs to the owner of the franchise.

All the employees in the franchise operation would be trained according to company standards. This allows for more efficiency in work and no chance for negligent work as happens in case of smaller, individually owned organizations. The franchise employees must have high level of skill in accordance to the standards set by the company. All the franchise units must provide consistent level of customer service to keep up with the company standards.

The business must consider certain aspects regarding the franchisee before opting for one. One important aspect is the location where the franchisee needs to open the outlet. Also, the franchisee must be able to provide all the legal documents relating to the franchise. It would be a good decision to evaluate these before deciding on anything. Each company would have strategy or procedure to infiltrate into a territory. The franchisee must be aware of these policies before committing to the company. The company's proposed plan must be for the entire tenure of the lease of a franchise. The company's market plan, strategies for infiltration in that section of the city, and the proposed number of franchises in that area are a few important issues to be taken care of in the initial stages of agreement.

The company needs to provide with the initial training to all the employees and also provide the training material to the franchisee for the future employee as well as for regular training of the existing employees. All the training related plans must be ready to be shown to the franchisee.