Consider the Versatility of Quilting Designs

If you ever wondered where all those graceful quilting designs came from on a quilt, several were designed by manual labor. Many others, however originate from using a premade pattern. Before the days of patterns all the quilting designs originated in the mind of someone as they visualized what they desired the final pattern to look like. With various designs crossing through a variety of different squares it is relatively easy to see that it requires a real talent to design a quilt of your own.

Patchwork quilts are maybe the least difficult designs to create because they consist of nothing except than a patchwork of distinct color materials, cut up into squares and sewn together in complete random order. Those patches that have quilting designs on them must be sewn back together in a particular order for the pattern to emerge. Whether left to right or top to bottom, matching the pattern on each square with an adjacent square demands planning and some patience.

Your quilt size and the square diameters, which will make up the quilt will establish how intricate the design of the quilt will be. While many people decide to keep their quilting designs simple, other people desire more intricate and complex designs. Using material with designs already on it can make things much easier, but you still need to make each piece of similar size to make certain they fit together to form the desired size.

If you plan on making your quilting designs two-sided, you must realize that you will be spending a huge amount of time making it. Both sides will have to be finished, as far as knots, and dependent upon your idea of reversible, may require the back and front made exactly the same before you sew all the layers together.

A sewing machine with a computerized guide can make quilting designs much easier to make. Many allow you to enter your design and switch the machine on. It will accurately duplicate the pattern on whatever material you put in the machine. For full quilts where duplicated quilting designs are required this can make them quickly and easily.

Without an electronic sewing machine, patterns are available with which you can mark your cloth and then sew by either traditional machine or by hand. Either way, making enough squares for a large quilt is going to take some time and work by you.