Are Computers a Necessity?

The computer is a wonder of modern science. So widespread has the use of the computer become that the age we are living in now has even come to be called the computer age. The computer is indeed a remarkable machine. To those who are not familiar with it its functions appear totally mysterious. But what is even more remarkable is that the computer is constantly being improved upon. It is being taken to heights of sophistication that people never even dreamed of. However, in spite of its seemingly general popularity the benefits and the necessity of the computer have been put into question by many people.

The benefits of the computer are obvious. The very fact that it is used so widely and for such a variety of purposes proves that it is of great use. Faster progress, better efficiency, quicker decisions are some of the advantages offered by computers. With industries becoming more and more scientific, computerization has become more important today than in the past. Many routine tasks too are performed by computers. In the precision world of today minor mistakes may cause major mishaps. By and large computers prevent such mistakes.

The cumbersome system that we used to have of keeping records in files that has now been made neater and more efficient by the 'memories' of computer. One of their biggest advantages is that they save time and labor. Because of the high speed at which they operate computers can carry out even extremely complex calculations in a matter of seconds. This high speed is accompanied by an equally high level of reliability.