Art Expert – How You Can Look Like an Expert in Art Without Having an Expertise?

In today's article I would like to describe how you can throw dust in your friends 'or just usual visitors' eyes when visiting a picture gallery or any other art exhibition and having a strong necessity to look like an art expert. If you have an excellent art knowledge – no problem, it's enough to just make a couple of remarks on several pictures and not forget to mention some facts from art history. But if your knowledge is poor or you even don't know anything at all, then this article is right for you.

So, below you can find several tips on "How to look like an art expert" topic:

  1. When you're entering to a large gallery, take a deep breath and then breathe out loudly.
  2. Start your tour from the smallest artworks and only then check those that are larger.
  3. First of all look at an artwork from far distance, but with direct precise look. Then start approaching nearer and nearer. When you come closer, make a breath and then breathe out slowly. Look at it during 2-3 minutes without turning eyes away. Now again move at a larger distance, however not directly back, but rather to some side, and hold your sight on the picture like if you would like to catch and hold some game of light on it.
  4. Looking at some picture, you can close your eyes with your hand, then repeat the same "breath in-breath out" as described above. It's important not to be overdiligent with it – you can do this trick 1-2 times. Refrain from doing it with all pictures!
  5. If somebody likes to ask you about your opinion on some artwork, look at this person meaningly or just indifferently. Then say in slightly surprised tone: "Is there really a possibility to describe it in words?" or "Any truth, when it's said aloud, is already false."

Please note that by saying this, you could assume that you like the picture as well as you don't like it. It's possible to argue when a point of view is stated, but when something isn't said aloud, it's impossible to argue with this. In addition, most of people find unexpressed point of view to be more attractive. That's why this trick is widely used by different fortune-tellers who would never report an exact fact to you, but would rather say obscurely and significantly.

That are probably all the simple rules you need to know. I only would like to add that somebody, who is not able to admit his / her lack of knowledge, will doubtfully learn something in future and become competent. So if you use this method constantly, your chances to become a real art expert sometimes are very small. But if you occasionally need to look like an expert, then now you are completely armed to do it.

And don't forget: it's not shameful when you don't know something, but not even trying to know is a shame.

I wish success to all of you: to experts, beginning experts and to actors playing experts 🙂