Martial Arts for a Fun Summer Activity

Martial arts has become very main stream in the US in recent years. It use to be somewhat challenging finding a school (dojo), but even more challenging finding a school that would take young children. But all that has changed now. Many programs start children as young as three or four.

Because of the influx of children many martial arts schools have changed some of the more stringent, traditional ways of teaching. Don't get me wrong. Kids learn to be disciplined and focused, they just don't get hit with a bamboo stick every time they make a mistake like back in days of old.

In the more modern schools there is a lot of emphasis on high levels of energy and excitement built into the classes. Why? Because that is when kids, and adults, learn best. You know the more you enjoy an experience the more likely you are to keep doing it. The other reason for the added energy and excitement is the rate of learning. When we are in an intense learning environment we learn faster and retain the information better.

Martial arts may be the answer to summer fun for your children if you are tired of running them from playing field to playing field. Let's not forget the part of sitting in the blazing heat or rain. These things do make for nice little adventures sometimes, but it can get a little monotonous after a while.

Maybe you are looking to supplement your child's athletic performance. How many professional athletes do you know who also do martial arts? The number is growing all the time. It adds a great deal to their balance, coordination, and reaction time.

How about some summer fun for you? The little kid inside all of us thinks martial arts is cool. Yeah, you could go to the ball field, golf course, or straight to the bar. And some adults act very childish doing all those things. But there is a difference between being childish and living the adventure. What makes martial arts fun for adults is that you are always learning something new, about martial arts and about yourself.

More importantly for adults is the HUGE stress relief. Adults come into class wound tighter than a drum. Yet when they leave they look and act like a completely different person. A much calmer, laughing more easily person. Think about the last time you had a good laugh while working out and learning something new. Doesn't happen too often.

If you are looking for a fun change of pace this summer for you or your child, check out your local martial arts school. You will know almost immediately if it's the right place for you.