Computer Software


These are programs or written instructions that are installed into the computer to enable it function properly.

There are three types of software, which include:

1. System Software

2. Application software

3. Utility software


This also involves the operating system which is one of the most important software in the computer. It helps to start up the computer, organizes all its files and controls it general behaviour.

System software include operating systems, which includes:

1. Windows 3.1

2. Windows 95

3. Windows 98

4. Windows 2000

5. Windows XP

6. Windows Server

7. Windows Unlimited

8. Windows Vista

9. Windows 7

Others include:

Linux, MS DOS


These are software that help us to perform various actions and accomplish different tasks in the computer.

Application software are grouped into the following categories:

1. Word-processing Packages: These are basically used for typing documents, they include:

(a) Microsoft Word

(b) Word Perfect

(c) WordPad

(d) Notepad and lots more

2. Spread-sheet Packages: These are packages that contain spread sheets, and they are basically used for performing series of calculations, they include

(a) Microsoft Excel

(b) Lotus 1,2,3 and lots more

3. Graphic Packages: These are packages that are used for creating and designing graphics, they include:

(a) CorelDraw

(b) Microsoft PowerPoint

(c) Instant Artiste/Print Artiste

(d) Paint

(e) Photoshop

4. Database Management Packages: These are packages that are used for collecting and keeping accounts and records, they include:

(a) Microsoft Access

(b) Dbase III

(c) Dbase IV