Accident Claims in Shops Or Superstores

Accident claims can easily happen in shops, superstores or malls. The types of accident range from minor injuries caused by slipping on a spillage of liquid or squashed fruit to being caught under improperly secured products falling from storage shelving or even tripping over items setup in aisles for display purposes. These are all common occurrences and have been dealt with in genuine cases undertaken and won by many solicitors.

Most frequently an accident in a shop is the result of the claimant slipping on split fresh produce or fluids. It is the responsibility of the owner / manager of the store to safeguard against this and to protect customers that visit their store. To do this, procedures must be put in place that means the floor space of the store is regularly checked and cleaned in case any spillages have occurred. This must be done at what is considered regular intervals (usually about every 15 minutes) and should be documented to provide evidence that the owner is complying with their duties.

Although most stores take all necessary action to ensure that spillages are cleared up as they happen occasionally something will be missed and accidents do occur as a result. The areas where most accident occur are near the fresh produce and in particular where flowers are stored in water as this can drip or be spilled when consumers are picking flowers up. This can be avoided through the use of absorbent matting around the effected areas.

If you have been injured as a result of an accident that occurred in a shop or superstore then you may be entitled to compensation which will be covered by the occupiers' liability insurance. Many solicitors will take this type of case on a no win no fee basis which will safeguard you from the cost that may be involved.