Fitness Does Not End Just Because Summer Did

OK, Labor Day has come and gone, and that pretty much signals the end of summer for most of us. Unfortunately, for many people, this also means the end of trying to stay or get into shape. At least until those dreaded New Year's resolutions roll back around. A lot of us will just retreat from the on coming cooler weather back into their homes and prepare for hibernation. They will sit in their favorite chair in front of the TV with a bag of chips and probably pack on a few (I'm trying to be kind) pounds. Then, next January, they will begin to question their motivation and make their usual New Year's promises, which they will inevitably break. Hey, I've done it, you've done it, most of us have done it. Come April, the sun will peak back out and we will all begin our yearly scramble to get our now soft bodies ready for public viewing at the beach or pool. But many of never reach our goals and year after year it just adds up and we end up further and further from the vision of what we want to look and feel like. That is pretty much what happened to me – until this year.

So what can we do? Well, for starters, we have to change how we view our lives. When it comes to fitness and health, procrastination is our biggest enemy. If we continue to put off working out today, tomorrow never gets here and we will never even get started. So, this year, when you escape to the comfort of your hibernation den, instead of sleeping in front of the TV, let the TV be your personal trainer. Commit now to starting your personal fitness journey. Get your body ready now so that next spring, when all the creatures begin to stir again and you come out to see the sun, all of your friends and neighbors will wonder exactly what you have been up to!

Also, we have to remember being unhealthy never takes a day off, much less an entire season. You certainly do not want to have a heart attack or stroke while relaxing and thinking "boy, I sure am going to get into great shape … later". Remember, you may not have tomorrow if you do not start today!

So this year, instead of hunkering down with a good pile or pile of videos, commit to a good, comprehensive fitness plan. This should include a balanced nutritional plan, a solid workout program and access to motivational partners. Remember, fitness is a year round endeavor. Do not listen to the negative people around you. They will tell you that you need a break and that it is just too hard or not worth the effort. Even those who love you may not want to see you succeed. If you do succeed, then they will be forced to face their own shortcomings. But if you truly commit to a year round fitness lifestyle, then you can have the healthy, active, more fulfilling life that you want and deserve. Begin your fitness journey now and be in the best shape of your life by next spring and summer.