Art Canvas Supplies For Different Needs

If you are looking for art canvas supplies it is important to fully understand the different types of canvases available to artists. Some will be purchased in bulk and then sized to meet your needs, while other will be ready to use.

Four Types of Art Canvas Supplies

1. Canvas by the Yard. This type of canvas is intended for the artist who has experience with mounting a canvas. You can mount unstretched canvas over a canvas frame, cut it and stretch it. The advantage of this type is the versatility it gives the artist. The disadvantage is that it may not be for beginners.

2. Stretched Art Canvas. If you are more of a beginning artist or you just want more convenience then the unstretched canvas that must be mounted, then you will be interested in stretched canvas. This type is pre-stretched and mounted for you on a frame. The advantage is the ease; the disadvantage is these will cost more than buying unstretched canvas by the yard.

3. Art Canvas Boards. Want even more convenience at a lower cost? Then the way to go will be a canvas board. These pre-made supports have a cardboard backing to support the canvas which is glued on top. The advantage is they are simple to use and ideal for beginning artists. The disadvantage is that quality will not be as high.

4. Canvas Pads. If expense is your top buying factor, then you will save the most by going with a canvas pad. The advantage is that they are convenient, cheap and ideal for beginners. The disadvantage is that they are not for high quality paintings – stick with canvas pads when you are sketching or just having fun.

Your choice of art canvas supplies will come down to quality needs, cost and convenience. Hopefully this gives you some great ideas that steer you in the right direction.