Baseball Positions: Catcher Is the Best

Catcher is the best position on the baseball field. Catchers are in command of the defense. They are the ones that work with the pitchers. Catchers keep runners from taking extra bases. They also have a keen understanding of the game.

Catchers are in command of the defense. They are the only players that have a view of the entire field in front of them. They can see all of the runners, all of the defenders, and the ball. This view helps the catcher direct where to throw the ball.

Catchers work with the pitchers. They are the ones that call the pitches. They decide what pitches have been working, which ones will work against this hitter, and what location the pitcher should aim for. Catchers keep the pitchers in the zone. When the pitcher needs a breather, the catcher goes out to the mound to talk to the pitcher. A good catcher can bring out the best in a pitcher.

Catchers keep runners from taking extra bases. They do this in many ways. First of all, on a base hit, the catcher calls for the fielder to throw to certain bases in order to keep runners from advancing. Once a runner is on, the catcher blocks bad pitches and keeps the ball in front of them, thus keeping the runner from taking another base. And finally, the catcher throws out runners attempting to steal bases. All of these things make it harder for the opponent to score.

Catchers have a very good understanding of the game. They know the different game situations and how to handle them. They know where the defense should play against different hitters in different situations. Catchers understand the strengths and weaknesses of their pitchers, their defense, and the other team's hitters. They use this understanding to create opportunities for their team. Because of this understanding, many catchers make good managers after their career is over.

So there you have it. Catcher is the best position to play. They are the captain of the defense. Catchers work with the pitchers to bring out the best in them. They keep runners from taking extra bases, which makes it harder for the other team to score. And they use their knowledge of the game to help their team win ball games.

If you are a catcher, you are in company with baseball greats such as: Yogi Berra, Johnny Bench, Carlton Fisk, Ted Simmons, Gary Carter, Tony Peña, Ivan Rodriguez, the Molina brothers (Bengie, Jose, and Yadier), Jonathan Lucroy, Buster Posey, and Joe Mauer.

Here are some former catchers who managed in the Major Leagues: Bruce Bochy, Bob Boone, Yogi Berra, Ned Yost, Joe Girardi, Mike Scioscia, Joe Torre, Mike Matheny, Joe Madden, and Jim Leyland. All four of the managers of the 2012 Championship series (Bochy, Girardi, Leyland, Matheny) were catchers.

This is part of a series of articles explaining why each position on the baseball field is the best. This series is aimed towards coaches at all levels. It is my belief that every position is important, and they each need players with different strengths.