Fashion Tips For the Top Heavy Plus Size Teen

While you might be the envy of your flat chested friends, you know that being ‘busty’ isn’t automatically a great thing. Having large breasts can be emotionally trying as you try to ignore snide remarks made by members of the opposite sex. And large breasts can be physically trying also. You have trouble getting your clothes to look right. You might even have back and shoulder pain from the weight. So what do you do?

You need to start with a bra that fits right. The right bra will give you the support you need. It will help relieve some of the pressure on your shoulders and back. It will provide the proper foundation for your clothes. Yes, a good quality bra will not be cheap but it will make an instant change in the way your clothes fit. Try on the bra before buying it. Put your top back on and check yourself in the mirror. You’ll know if the bra is right because you’ll see an immediate improvement in the way your top fits.

Want, or need, even more support? Look into a sports bra. No, you don’t have to be playing sports to wear a sports bra. Today’s sports bra provides excellent support in a comfortable and attractive way.

Once you are wearing the right support garment, it is time to go shopping for clothes that will make you feel comfortable about yourself while, at the same time, accentuating the positive.

* Accentuate your breasts in a positive manner. Avoid tops with ruffles and bows which will draw attention to your chest AND make it look larger. Look for tops with scooped necklines and V necklines. These types of tops draw the eye to the neckline and away from your chest.

* Look for shirts that have some stretch material in them. A particular problem for large breasted women are button down shirts which pull and pucker in all the wrong places. With a bit of stretch in the fabric, these shirts will fit better.

* Buy tank tops with a built in bra. And then wear them WITH your bra. Alone these tops do not provide enough support but with your regular bra, they create a much neater appearance.

* Don’t try to hide your chest with an oversize shirt. An oversize shirt will give you an oversize look from your shoulder to your hips. You end up with a big top instead of just a big chest.