Fashion and Dance

Generally when people think of fashion they think of everyday wear. They think of jeans and trainers, accessories for work and outfits for a fun night out. But fashion encompasses so much more than that. Think of all of the different types of dance for instance. From flamenco to ballet, there are fashion influences to be taken from all of them.


Flamenco dancing originates from Spain and consists of the Samba, the Rumba, the Foxtrot and more. Women typically wear long dresses with lots of frills and tassels, they often carry fans and have flowers in their hair. The men wear high-waisted, tight-fitted black trousers, heeled boots and short jackets embroidered with bold fabrics and jewels. This type of detail can be seen on designer clothing today. In fact women are often seen in short jackets and high-waisted trousers and can be found in flamenco skirts full of shape and swing in the summer or on the beach.


One of the best films of this year was Black Swan. It told the story of a young, innocent ballet dancer who has to search within her darkest self to find the black swan that exists somewhere amongst the white swan that everyone can see. The film was beautifully shot and wonderfully casted and managed to reinvent the ballet inspired fashion trend of tou tous and slippers. Instead of limiting the look to girly pinks, the film inspired a darker ballerina look consisting of blacks, tattoos and dramatically long skirts.

Can Can:

The fashion styles of the 1920s have made a major comeback over the years. Not only as a theme for fancy dress parties but as a part of our everyday wear. The flapper look of knee-length skirts, feathers, beads and hats is often integrated in bits and bobs into women's fashion today. Just as top hats, tails, and three-piece suits are still adorned by today's men. The best part of a 1920s look are the accessories. For women it was boas, jeweled headbands, long cigarette holders, and elbow-length gloves. Very feminine, very sexy and completely classic. For the men it was top hats, canes, pocket watches and sharp cufflinks. Very masculine, very smart and completely chic.

Today many fashion icons are movie stars. They are people who get to play in dressing rooms all day long and as a result experiment with the items they find. They incorporate accessories made for dress up into their everyday wear. They brave new looks and because of it dictate fashion trends.