Art Supplies and Art Materials – What Do You Need To Consider?

When the creative muse hits you it can sometimes feel like it takes over your whole being.

I know. I have been there. Sitting in front of a beautiful lake, my easel all setup, my paints on my lap, and a beautiful, tranquil scene in front of me just waiting to be captured for life in my own (not very!) Skillful painters hand.

And then, lo and behold, you find that you have either forgotten to pack the cobalt blue for that light and fluffy sky, or else forgotten something like your artists chair (it can be a long day down by the river bank!)

So, to avoid just that pain, it is really important to take weekly stock of your art supplies and to get some kind of organization in place that ensures you know exactly where every item is, how much you have left of it, and whether it It is likely you will run out either before, or during your next painting trip.

Here are some key aspects to getting organized with your painting materials and art supplies:

1. Don't Put Everything in One Big Box – Put it on the Shelf …

Ok. So what do I mean?

Well, there is a real temptation with art materials to chuck everything into one big box, and then just take that box with you in the car when you go off on tour (so to speak). Unfortunately, that does not allow you to take a proper inventory of the different articles that make up your art kit. So you would be well advised to separate everything off onto different shelves.

Paints on one shelf, brushes on another, spatulas and knives on another, and other technical items like Skeleton Manekins on another.

In that way you are more likely to be able to tell when you are low on paint for example, or when one of your favorite brushes is just that little too worn, and you need a replacement.

2. Once you are organized … Get Creative

Once you are organized then it is a good idea to take stock and see if you can widen your a horizons. If you have never tried scrapbooking for example, then why not give it a try? Or if you have only ever painted in watercolours, then why not give acrylics a go?

rtistic Remember, variety is the spice of life, and if you want to keep your creative juices flowing then both getting organized and trying new things to be creative is at the center of that effort.