Art is a Caricature

Creative abstraction Art is a caricature, an emphasis on the essence of an ordinary, everyday subject. Everything around us can be seen as an ordinary everyday subject or any single thing around us can be isolated and its beauty and uniqueness revealed by close study. The character or uniqueness of anything is realized by focusing on it. This uniqueness is often characterized in art.

Characteristics are the credentials that give something its flavor. A caricature can emphasize many different features … form as in a sculpture, emotion as in a song, color as in a painting, line as in fashion. The ocean is an ordinary blend of air and water mixed with salts, life and light. Yet a caricature can capture the essence of this subject, enough to charm the senses and to convince the eye of its nearness to reality. A caricature is made up of the key characteristics that summarize the subject.

My work captures the essence of beauty, that is peculiar to the sea. My art is realistic … but it is not. It looks like the ocean, but then again … the ocean does not have lumps of paint in it. The ocean does not have wriggly white lines all over it, yet from a distance … it seems to. Art is a caricature of life. My work is a caricature of the living beauty of the sea. My art characterizes a moment of the oceans perpetual motion.

A caricature highlights the character, the individuality and uniqueness of the subject. Most people have very little character, they are only watered down versions of themselves. A character stands out as an individual and an object of interest. People who are average, ordinary and careful have placed severe limitations on their own expression. They are not caricatures, they have made themselves into wisps of what they could be, confining their ideas to match the imagined expectations of an unimaginative society.

Those few in the world who are not afraid to be themselves, stand out as oddities. These are the creative individuals that are often mocked. They are misunderstood because their visions are not shared by safe society. Society functions on an agreed platform of mediocrity and blandness. There is no room for an individual in a safe society.

People with personality, or character, are full of their own being. They are not afraid to step into new ideas and to test patterns of behavior that do not conform. These oddities are the 'characters' that add light to an otherwise drab collection of unimaginative human beings. These people are the brightly-colored living art forms that offend the dreary gray masses around them. My art is not the sea, it is a caricature of the sea. It is the essence of the sea. My art is a caricature of the ever-changing magnificence surrounding our planet.