Discover the Top 10 Fashion Innovations Ever

Fashion has been through a lot. Since the first cave woman selected the skin of an antelope to wear on her body for the first time, through to the latest big four fashion weeks around the globe with giant icebergs as backdrops and global media coverage, fashion has evolved into a glorious beast with a many faceted character. At a recent fundraising event hosted by the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) during New York Fashion Week thousands of fashion types voted to decide what was considered the top fashion innovations in history.

Here is the Top Ten:

10. The 60's – Hippy Look – With the 70's Disco look at No.23 it is clear that people hold these particularly iconic fashion decades in high esteem. The 60's brought us bell-bottom jeans, tie-dyed and batik fabrics and paisley prints.

9. Little Black Dress – This type of dress, first designed by Coco Chanel in the 1920's has become a staple of any wardrobe for its versatility. The dress should be simple so as to stay in fashion for as long as possible. 8. Push-up Bra – Better known as its popular incarnation: the 'Wonderbra'. With padding of foam or rubber, or sometimes gel in the cup, the push-up bra did exactly that, pushed everything up or even in or both. This provided a boost to the chest and to the confidence of underwhelmed women everywhere.

7. Casual Fridays – This was invented in the post-war period in Hawaii as people were allowed to wear loud flowery silk shirts for some of the year. The idea expanded around the globe to the delight of stifled fashionistas everywhere.

6. Denim – This American invention has been a part of the fashion world since forever. Where would you be without your jeans?

5. Pants for Women – This will make sense for American readers but for UK readers, it's the trouser type of pants to which this refers. It was during World War 2 that women really started wearing men's trousers a lot for work. The 1960's finally saw trousers made to fit women properly, even up to sizes such as plus size 22 from retail establishments such as plus size clothes shops and in modern times – online clothing stores.

4. Bikini – A symbol of women breaking free from emancipation in the 1960's and the most popular beach wear for women around the world. It is now almost a billion dollar industry.

3. Luggage on Wheels – This innovation made it easier to take more stuff on holiday. No wonder it's at number three!

2. Online Shopping – A massively growing industry which will eventually over take high street sales in market value. The opportunities for price comparison and bargain hunting are much greater and easier than running round loads of shops, plus lower overheads will make sure it will be the way of the future.

1. Wash and Wear Fabric – The creation of artificial fibers was a revolution in fabric and clothing as before this invention everything would have to be ironed to be useable or wearable. Basically no wash and wear = no fashion industry.