Amazing Rides, Water Sports, Digital Gaming – Exploring Delhi As a Kid

Delhi is often called a historic place because of its significant past. The city, however, is also one of the best entertainment hubs for kids and grown-ups alike. There are a number of theme parks and other recreational zone which you can explore with the kids. Read on.

Delhi is slowly transforming as infrastructure and resources of the city are fast evolving. It is already being seen as a world city and soon there would be time when it would proudly known by this status. Now speaking about development, it does not just mean that the wider roads, more number of flyovers, huge skyscrapers and shopping malls all around.

A world class city does not just need high tech infrastructures and buildings, but also requires a lot of space for recreation and entertainment, zones which could attract the people living here so that they take out time from their busy lives for some frolic and fun. It is quite essential for a work-life balance and maintains a healthy influence on the kids as well. Stated this, it is well known that Delhi has always some of the best recreation zones for kids and grown-ups alike for several decades. One of its lost gems, Appu Ghar, was an immensely popular spot for Delhi Rides. With the advancement of years, old charms have faded somewhat, but yet several new and modern entertainment places have come up in this capital city, providing millions their share of the laughter and enjoyment. Let's take a look at the most popular entertainment zones that you must visit in Delhi:

Oysters: This is what the famous Appu Ghar transformed into. It has added just more attractions to its inventory with dance festivals, ice games, magic river, and several such themes and activities now to its credit. The rivers have jacuzzis where you can just laze about under the current of the water. It is absolute fun to be here.

Adventure Island: This is a popular place for some amazing rides in Delhi. It has been almost a decade now and most of the Delhites are now well aware of this nice and fun destination that offers many choices in rides, swings, and other forms of entertainment. It is a huge theme park in Rohini which can be reached by Delhi Metro. Children above six years are allowed inside the park. It is spread over about 60 acres. With over 20 awesome rides, this park offers best rides in the town. It has water park and other water sports zones inside it as well.

Amoeba: For those bitten by the digital bug can visit Amoeba. In old days, there were video parlors which were thronged by kids and young adults. Now it is Amoeba that steals the limelight and offers a world full of digital gaming. The place is suitable for kids of all ages and it is truly a delight for them to come and enjoy their time here.

Besides these places, there are other places like Delhi Eye, Future Bowl, Fun and Food Village, etc. where kids can hang around and enjoy coolly.

After a splash of fun, you can just take the children for a historic or heritage tour to the city of Agra where the one of the wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal, is. You can travel from Delhi to Agra by train or use the expressway.