5 Must-Visit Places in Shanghai China

Shanghai is pretty much the urban city-state, filled with nearly 20 million inhabitants. It is deemed as the main source of economics and modern business in the rest of the nation. It’s overflowing to the brim with such stunning pieces of architecture which might put even some of its Western business partners to embarrassment. It has reached quite the economic peak when compared with where it was at least one generation before. The extensive improvements made in the city have turned into a great holiday destination for travelers all over the planet. If you are ever intending to visit China, you’ll be in for a pretty big surprise. There are 5 different places that you will want to check out if you’re going for a vacation in China, and these would definitely send you wanting more of what the city has to present.

Jin Mao Tower – Until 2007 came along, this was considered to be the tallest skyscraper ever designed in the city. It is deemed to be an architectural phenomenon that offers an exceptional magnificent view of the whole city whenever you go all the way up to the observation deck, based at the 88th floor.

Shanghai World Financial Center -This has replaced the Jin Mao Tower as the king of the mountain in China. At 101 floors, you’ll certainly be in for quite a walk. Its design has surely given it such iconic status with the local folks, and it provides malls, hotels along with a stunning observation deck which promises a view of the entire city unlike any other.

The Fairmont Peace Hotel – This hotel harkens back to the good old days of the 1930’s, making for an ideal contrast with the technological innovations that Shanghai has been overflowing with.

Shanghai Grand Theatre – This is the home of many brilliant operatic, orchestral and dance performances in the city. It’s pretty much impossible to miss, considering that it is suitably located on a perch on Huangpu District’s People’s Square. This is the best blend of eastern and western aesthetics.

Huxingting Teahouse – While on your vacation to China, you could be seeking a rest stop where you can relaxingly sip on a bit of tea and indulge in some top quality cuisine. Visit China and never forget to stop by at this teahouse, which continues to float on a lake ever ever since the late 1780’s.