Video Marketing Vs Article Marketing – Which is More Effective?

Video marketing and article marketing are two of the most popular forms of website promotion on the Internet today. The reasons are simple; both are FREE, and both can bring your website hordes of targeted traffic!So the question arises, which of these two methods is THE most effective tool for super charging your online business?

Article marketing has been around the Internet longer than video marketing. Unfortunately, just long enough for the practice to be abused. Once upon a time, one could whip up an article, and send it out “pony express” to several hundred article directories. And many people were doing this daily! Some of these articles were scarfed up by ezine editors, and “VOILA”, instant viral article! These articles were chock full of juicy links to landing pages and affiliate sites. Many folks made BIG bucks employing article marketing in the early days.

Article marketing hit a big “bump in the road” when Google got sick and tired of all the duplicate content “floating” around the Internet. This resulted in penalties being imposed on individuals who submitted the same content to multiple sites. Exactly how restrictive Google is on duplicate content, is any body’s guess. Article marketing is still effective as long as you modify the content and write many articles.

It is an undisputed fact that the search engines LOVE video. Surfers are “customers”, and the search engines “know” how much they enjoy landing on video after video. Just take a minute, and pop in a couple of popular keywords in to a Google search. You will notice many videos listed near the top of the organic search listings. In addition, video submission sites are increasing at an amazing rate!

So the question remains, article marketing or video marketing? The answer is simple. BOTH!! Just make sure that your articles provide useful, fresh content. If you can’t write, it is relatively inexpensive to hire a writer. Your videos should also provide useful content. make sure that your sound quality is good and that the content is delivered in a pleasant, professional manner. The fact is, if you are not using one or both of these forms of marketing, you and your business will be left behind.

Because your competition IS definitely using them!