Video Niche Marketing Plan – Do You Have One Yet?

Video marketing helps boost your business exposure, sales and market share. With the growing popularity of video sites like YouTube, Yahoo, and a host of others, video marketing continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

With new technology, the ease and convenience of creating a sales video grows more user-friendly. Now the average person can whip out a professional looking video for minimal cost and have it up within hours or even minutes.

More of your market continues to adapt to watching video sales messages. Reading emails, sales letters and other sales messages results in more ad blindness from your target market.

Here's 6 Simple Tips To Creating An Effective Video Niche Marketing Plan.

1. Know your target market.

Much like a sales letter, an effective video sales message requires you to know your target markets current needs, problems or issues needing solved.

After you've identified the specific problem you want to address in your sales video go to the next step. Establish how your product can solve this problem. This will be the basic theme of your video message.

2. Write out your plan of action.

Next write out a script and a storyboard of your video marketing message. Plan out a start, a middle and an ending.

3. Adapt your message to your market with 3 points.

Make sure you boil your message down to 3 points. Doing this will make your message easier to remember. Simply state your 3 main sales points and elaborate briefly on each one by giving examples, illustrations or antidotes.

4. Do not make your message too long.

Avoid the mistake of making your marketing video too long. Your message should be brief, punchy and targeted to a specific problem of your customer.

Resist the temptation to sell your customer in the video. Refer them to your website where you have more room to explain your offer, prove your claims and inspire a call to action.

5. Have a call to action.

Although you do not want to use this short video to close a sale you still want to have a call to action at the end. This call to action is directing your viewer to your website, your physical business location or to phone you.

This is where many marketing videos fall short. They may post their website or phone number but they leave out why they should act now instead of later. Give them an incentive to act now. Tell them what they could gain by acting now or what they risk losing if they delay.

6. Keyword Optimize.

It sad to watch people take the previous steps, make an excellent video with powerful sales points and a dynamic call to action. But they fail to do one important detail. They fail to keyword optimize their video.

They either fail to place the proper keywords that will attract search engine traffic or they list keywords that are too competitive. Either way that normally spells no or low traffic for your video. With so much competition it's important that you learn and master keyword optimization principles. Not doing that is like blowing a kiss in the dark.

By following these simple but powerful ideas you can take your business to the next level by offering powerful, targeted niche marketing videos .