Exclusive Guide to the RIFT Planes of Telara

To save the world of Telara from destruction, two factions emerged: The Defiants and The Guardians. The game begins in choosing a fact. After selecting a fact, you then select a calling "The Warrior", "The Mage", "The Rogue" and Lastly "The Cleric". Each calling has sub-classes which they call "souls". Along the journey, player is given the option to manage up to three souls. From here, a whole wide range of decisions has to be made. And you needed the best guide to assist you to select the best option. The Rift Guide compiles everything. If you wish to gain high-end edge over other classes and class alike, you will certainly like this manual. Show your combat prowess, win battles, earn more gold, speed level your character, and STAND OUT!

What to expect in this RIFT Strategy Guide?
• Top Level Your Character – Fast, Fun and Easy!
• Full Length Section on Equipment Guide
• Obtain Massive Amount of Gold: 'How to'
• Tactics for Group and Solo-Play
• PvP Strategies Against Other Calling
• Intensive dungeons and raiding techniques
• Essential Details for Important Quests

– Strategies for Leveling Your Warrior – It is to no surprises that crossing each level carries certain levels of difficulty and gaining access to the top is no easy. If you are a dedicated gamer and wants to be the most powerful player in the Planes of Telara, you would want to pay attention to tactics and strategies covered in this manual. This essential book will teach and discuss you everything from basic game to the more sophisticated strategies of magic and weaponry.
– Complete Reference for Equipment – This game offers a vast lists and index of armors, weapons, gears and items. To honor your chosen class, you must know lots of equipment combination and equip your character with these items to boost their unique abilities. And it is vital that you know the right combinations and set-ups to bolster your performance. To make it more exciting this manual reveals you where and how to obtain rare drops and items.
– Make Gold Tactics – Set your hands off these gold making strategies so you'll never have to worry about money and you can square it to purchase the most expensive items your gold can buy.
– Strategies for Solo and Group-play – Rift, just like any online games, is also about solo and doing raids with parties. Fully experience Rift doing both solo and group play using top-rated strategies. Rifts in Telara appear when planes of reality interfere with the ward protecting Telara. This imaging rifts needs sealing, and is only done so by multi-stages. You can seal these rifts by first going through stages alone. As you level up, a full and huge party may be called in order to finally seal the wicked rifts. You need a comprehensive guide to perform efficiently during solo fights and or standout in groups.

– Strategies for PvP's – Expert gamers shares PvP tactics in this Rift strategy manual. With top-end, top-rated, best tips, hints, tactics and strategies you can successfully beat different calls with powerful defense system.
– Dungeons and raids – Win boss fights and acquire rare items, you can only do this by going through raids. Enter lairs and dungeons with confidence. This Rift guide share gamers all essential details about almost every lairs and dangerous spots.
– The Quests – This manual will reveal to you what are the important quests to complete. It also shares gamers step-by-step guidelines on how to successfully and quickly complete each quests.
– Guide Updates – Of course, the updates of this guide is TOTALLY FREE. You will be notified when an update is published. You can easily download it through logging into your account.