Home Based Business Affiliate Marketing

It is probably one of the fastest and easiest ways to create wealth online. What is affiliate marketing? It is marketing a product or service for another company which pays you a commission each time your marketing efforts yield a sale.

Affiliate marketing, in my opinion, is probably the surest way to earning a profit online. There are hundreds if not thousands of affiliates marketing products or services every day across the internet and there are hundred times that many products and services that you can market and make a commission.

All you need is a computer, a connection to the Internet and a product. I can not help you with the first two, but I can help you with the third.

So, where do begin?

Lucky for you, I am going to help you with that problem.

The first affiliate I would like to talk about is one called Clickbank.com. Many internet marketers use them on a daily basis for their marketing efforts.

There are thousands of products that pay you a commission each time you make a sale! One of the added benefits of using an affiliate resource is that they do all the collecting of money, issuing your paychecks, and tracking your sales online. All you have to do is market the products.

Most affiliate programs track your sales via a link that is issued to you upon signup.

Once a prospective buyer clicks on your link which is displayed where you have decided to market it, they are sent to a sales page where you hopefully get a sale!

Two sides to being an Affiliate Marketer

There are two sides to being an affiliate marketer. One side is the publisher and the other is the affiliate. We have a clear understanding of what an affiliate is, but what is a publisher? A publisher is the provider of your products. The cool thing here is that you too can be a publisher and have others act as affiliates for you. This is a great concept when you think of the potential profits you can make when others sell your product.

As a publisher, if you create a decent product in a starving niche (more about niches later), you can make some serious money. I have yet to design a product, but after extensive research, I have discovered that the best products are being marketed by thousands of affiliates everyday, and selling.

Are you skeptical? I was at first until I met some people who were actually making money with online marketing. I realized the power and potential of making money online then and there. These guys had multiple affiliate marketing programs attending them money each day. The power of multiplication and the internet is real.

The main thing about working a home based business is that you have to treat it like anything else you do … practice, commitment and consistency will help you achieve your dreams! … and make you some money along the way!

Please stay tuned to more articles … I will be reviewing more important Internet Marketing principals in articles to come!