Thailand, the Land of the Free

Thailand, the land of the free, is one of those asian countries which is worth the time of tourists. Pattaya and Bangkok are two of the famous places to visit here. If you want to have a dip in Thai waters, go to Pattaya and have a treat shopping at known factory outlets.

But if you want non-stop shopping atalls, at the floating market, night markets (like in Chatuchak every weeks) and wholesale outlets or enjoy nightlife at bars, go to Bangkok. This is where we stayed for 3 days ….

Buddhist histories from Bangkok to Ayutthaya are also a feast to the eyes. And behold the grandeur of the palaces of their monarchy (the Grand Palace, Summer Palace, among others). Then the perfect ending to a close encounter with Thai wildlife is an amazing elephant ride. You may also opt for a night of entertainment at Siam Niramit. For those looking for genuine sapphires (largely found in Thailand), do not forget to drop by the Gems Gallery.

Several hotels dot Bangkok's streets. You can find hotels which prices fit your budget. Filipinos frequently go to the Four Seasons International House. You will surely bump into a couple of Filipinos once you checked in here.

If you plan to go mall-hopping to the wee hours of the night, it is advisable to choose a hotel near the places clustered together (ie MBK Center, the 3 Siam Malls, Central World, Pantip Plaza, et al.). With the horrendous traffic at the main streets of Bangkok (yes, just like in the Philippines), you may be forced to walk your way back to your hotel.

In going around Bangkok, you can take the skytrain (just like our LRT or MRT), bus, taxi, or the tuktuk (similar to our tricycle). NOTE: If you do not ride the tuktuk, it's as if you have not been to Bangkok.

Finally, Bangkok's weather is more humid than ours. But its streets are cleaner than ours and smoke belchers are not that frequent.