Using Article Marketing for Targeted Traffic

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Let's talk about using Article Marketing in connection with Affiliate Marketing as a means to get targeted traffic and to brand you as an authority in your niche. Below are several tips to help you with your Article Marketing.

Avail the advantages of Article marketing campaigns Article marketing or bum marketing is a popular and effective means of promotion that will add great value to your brand increasing its popularity.

Overcoming setbacks

Has article marketing frustrated you? Do you complain that your strategies never work? These are common setbacks that need to be overcome and can be done easily.

Focus on the writing style

One must step into the reader's shoes and write from his perspective. The style should there before be easily understandable, informative and effective instead of being flowery.

Quality The most important principle for article marketing is of course the quality of articles. Remember that you are not writing to contribute to the back links, make the quality of articles as good as possible.

Frequency Try and write as frequently as possible for it will not only help improve your style and skill but also help in making you familiar to the world. Being a familiar name will get you more work and market share.

Wide genre Research broadly about all possible subjects and genres and write public articles on them. This will improve your skill and reputation.

Hiring ghostwriters If your writing skills are not good enough, hire yourself a professional writer or a ghost writer. Concentrate on the business elements while he can work on the articles, once you have given him the details and explained the purpose of each article.

Write for popular websites

Contact popular websites like,,,, etc who look for fresh writers to write original, informative articles for them.

Specialized directories

Write for article directories that specialize in your areas of interest. You will become familiar in niche areas and will soon be considered as a pro in such fields.

How to use leading search engines?

To measure how well you are doing at article marketing write 5 articles for and then wait for about a month. See how well you did by keying in keywords from those articles along with your name on Google. Your article can actually appear on the first page of the search results.

Success through search engines

Yahoo! and Google can also add to your success rate by picking up articles that are well written, well presented, are informative and contain the correct keywords. Your article has a chance of being picked up once in every hundred.

How to improve? Improving is a constant process and by taking care of a few basic things apart from the quality of the articles, you can ensure that your article will do well.

Keyword usage Research the use of keywords in sites like While writing articles, include keywords which have more number of searches. Article should have a keyword density of 4-5%. Also fit the keyword in the title, first 90 characters and thereafter evenly in the rest of the article.

Regular submission

Submitting quality articles 5 times a week should also help you feature in the page of the search results.

Display your picture along side your article

You can do this by getting your article (s) published on websites like American Chronicle which are connected to Google News. Since such websites are syndicated with Google News, your article and your photo will become available to millions of internet users, as you publish your article through Google.

How to register in such sites? Go to the website, scroll down toward the end of the page where you will find the 'Submit Work' tag. Use this to sign yourself up and then publish articles with your picture.

Use multiple identities effectively

Popular sites like allows you to create multiple accounts, which means that by using a single keyword and identical title names you can have two separate articles featured among the top ten in Google's search listings. Pen names can be used to create multiple accounts. Do not let the quality of your writing suffer; only the titles can be same and not the content.

Use blogs for auto-syndication of articles

At the hand of professional users blogs have become potent means for marketing and promotion of events. Blog links of your article titles on other people's websites can help you get more traffic.

RSS feeds

Good blogging software provides automated RSS feeds which are extremely beneficial as they allow people to quickly read or subscribe to your articles. You can also ask webmasters to use feeds on your articles in their websites, this gains you more exposure.

Exclusive articles

Write articles exclusively for content driven websites with very high traffic flow. Exclusivity of content will get you more traffic hits and niche recognition.

Terms for exclusivity

It is crucial for you to know that by exclusive articles we mean articles that you publish for one website alone and no where else, not even in your own website.

Podcasting Collect articles on similar topics, audio record them using information from websites like .

Power of Podcasting

Use traffic heavy sites like iTunes, Yahoo !, etc effectively to upload your podcasts or audio files.

Using Squidoo

Squidoo, a website, lets you build lenses on your favorite subjects. So you can actually post your articles or the RSS feeds on your Squidoo lens.

Quality matters

Although you get free promotion and exposure at Squidoo, remember that your article has to be well written to attract attention.

Affiliates Give pre-formatted, good articles to affiliates which they will copy-paste on their websites, blogs and ezines, helping promote your work.

Networking Spread your reach by interacting with other article marketers / writers. Do this by registering in networks like

Sharing Information

This increases trust and reputation getting you more jobs from your peers.


Comment on your peers' blogs, this will help you gain recognition.

Act With these tips for successful article marketing, all that remains is for you to start using them!