Email Marketing – Crafting An Effective E-mail

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Email Marketing – Crafting an Effective E-mail

What else could be the quickest and most effective way of communication this day than e-mail? Probably there is no more. Whatever communication you have with friends or co-workers, email will always be the answer.

To be effective, emails should be well written depending on course with the targeted audience.

Personal Email

There is no certain rule for composing this mail since it would just be like talking to a friend. You can go as casual as you want. Anyways, this communication would be just between friends.

Business E-mail

1. Compose a good subject line. This is the first thing that would tell the recipient if the e-mail is worth reading or not. It is not just your e-mail thatis in the mailbox of the recipient so give the recipient the reason to go read it instead of trashing it.

2. Make it as easy read as possible. If you have a lot of points to discuss, number them and be straight. Keep it simple as well as readable.

3. Attachments should be avoided. Make sure that if your message can actually be put in the body of the mail, do so than putting it as an attachment. Not all people would want to wait for any file to download or not all computers have available space for another more file.

4. Let yourself be known. You need to make sure that you have identified yourself in your e-mail. A person wants to know who sends them mail. This will even make the e-mail more personalized.

5. Be polite. Be careful of using capital letters. For some this could mean that you are angry and are shouting.

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