Emotional Intelligence For Promotions

Daniel Goleman, a Harvard-trained psychologist who has become famous as an advocate of emotional intelligence. He says that leaders may get hired for their intellect but they are often fired for a lack of emotional intelligence (see Daniel Goleman's book, Emotional Intelligence).

How to get promoted and be successful once you get there?

An article in the Irish Independent News, April 10, 2008, asserts that the skills you need to get promoted into senior management have changed. The old style relied on using power and authority to command and control. The new style requires "… emotional intelligence – knowing and managing your own emotions, motivating yourself and recognizing and understanding other people's emotions."

The article emphasizes that "It's all about building effective and responsive interpersonal relationships."

Cognitive ability and business acumen is taken for granted at the senior level. It is emotional intelligence that makes you stand out. Or lack thereof, that makes you fall out.

In describing the problem with promotions into management, the article states, "But this new role will require a different set of skills from those the person held before securing the promotion. manage a team, communicate effectively and be able to make decisions, sometimes multiple ones, under pressure. This draws on the person's emotional intelligence rather than the cognitive ability that they've used up until this point. "

How can you improve your emotional intelligence? You need guidance, practice, and feedback. Executive coaching can provide that in a supportive way.

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