Affiliate Marketing E-book Reviews – Super Affiliate Handbook and Niche Marketing on Crack

Super Affiliate Handbook and Niche Marketing on Crack stand out from the rest of the books available on the subject of affiliate marketing and promotion. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Both e-books are comprehensive. Some books talk about AdWords or Search Engine Optimization or finding the right product. Each of these books leads you through everything you need to do in the process. Super Affiliate handbook is probably longer and therefore has much more of the little details you might want. However, Niche Marketing on Crack has a lot of information in its pages that can be used as a no nonsense guide to get started right away.

2. Each author, Rosalind Gardner and Andrew Hansen, guide you step by step. They assume that you have never done this before. They there take you through each and every step to guarantee success by letting you learn from their mistakes and successes.

3. Neither the Niche Marketing on Crack nor the Super Affiliate Handbook promise to "get you rich quick." Instead each reveals a system by which the author has made money and feels that (with a certain about of effort on your part) … you can achieve success just like their. It is not an overnight promise … but could produce income for years to come.

4. Both products are high quality. There are a lot of scams on the internet. There are a lot of e-books that are not worth a penny, but these authors spent a great deal of time and effort to teach us how to achieve what they did. They a both a good read and have high quality information to pass along to you.

Which one would I choose? I would actually choose both books. Niche Marketing on Crack is a short and sweet and you can get started the same day. Super Affiliate Handbook has much more information and is a good resource to avoid pitfalls you may encounter along the way. I enjoyed Andrew Hansen's no nonsense approach, but I thought you could avoid some issues by at least reading Super Affiliate Marketing's web hosting information before you take that initial step.

Either e-book is worth the investment if you want some solid advice on affiliate marketing. If you apply either of their techniques, most people double their investment in less than a week! However, if you combine both of their ideas, you may find a winning combination of your own.

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