Your Network Marketing Business Facts

Internet Marketing is not a get rich quick business. Creating long term residual income takes time and it is not easy.

Look at it like this … Do you know anyone in Real Estate investing that created a large amount of passive cash flow from rental properties in their first year? The answer is probably no.

Your Internet Marketing Business Facts

Creating residual income takes time. It does not matter what method it is you are using. Do not enter into any business thinking that you put down $ 200 and within six months you will create a large long term income. You have to give it some time.

It is not your fault, you probably think you can create a long term residual income quickly and easily with Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing is built on dreams and financial hopes.

You hear all the testimonials of people making huge amounts of money quickly with a company and you think it is easy and anyone can jump right in and do it. The truth is these testimonials are the exceptions and not the rule.

One thing true of marketing; Your results will be directly proportional to your advertising efforts. When you hear of people who make lots of money quickly you are hearing stories of exceptionally productive people and not your average mom or dad.

Marketing Business Facts – Do It the Bum Marketing Way

The quickest and easiest way to earn on the internet is the Bum Marketing way. Bum Marketing is based around some simple ideas; the main idea being you can make money online for free.

In a nutshell, to make money online for free, you get a free blogger blog from Blogger, or a free WordPress blog from WordPress, and then you open an account at click bank and find an e-book with high gravity to promote. Next, you will need to open a free account at EzineArticles.

Now, write a 300-500 word article that has to do with the product you are promoting from click bank.

Things will start clicking once you get going. Decide what blog platform you want to use (I use WordPress). Create your blog with totally different content than you use in any of your articles.

EzineArticles have a resource box at the bottom of the page that will point to your blog address or domain name.

Search for a good title for your article by going to the site called Google AdWords keyword tool.

You will see a white box and above it will say "Enter one keyword or phrase per line:"

Get an idea by typing in the title phrase of the article you have in mind. Once you put your keywords in, it will give you a whole list of similar keywords along with the search volume.

You will want a keyword phrase with at least 500 monthly global searches / mo, 5,000 or more if possible. Make sure your using the broad search option located under match type.

You can do many things to help promote your products better, but for the sake of Bum Marketing, you can get rolling for free with 3 free programs; WordPress, ClickBank, and EzineArticles.

To learn more, make sure and click the link below.