10 Questions You Must Answer Before You Self-Publish

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I see so many authors who have this great idea to write a book. They get inspired and lock out the world for three to 12 months and write. Their word flow from their fingertips to the keyboard and after before you know – they have a manuscript.

According to a publishing industry survey, 80 percent of Americans think they should write a book. And only two percent actually finish a manuscript.

So you've finished writing the book. Now what?

For more writers, they think it's about finding right agent or publisher. They then search the internet for agents or advertisers and send out query letters. And then the reject comes in. They realize that no one wants to publish them without "proving" that that can publish and market their own book first.

That's why the self-publishing industry (once called Vanity Press) has flourished! Everyone is a publisher. Traditional publishers want to know if you have real marketability and are willing to take the risk to publish yourself.

To most writers this sounds crazy. They think that it's their great book traditional publishers want. Not so. They need authors who have a built-in audience. They need authors who know how to sell books.

Bottom line. It's business – not personal.

But before you write a single word (or before you spend the money getting your book published), review these questions and honestly assess if you are ready to become a best-selling SELF-PUBLISHED author:

1. You have at least $ 2,500 to $ 5,000 to invest in the project.

2. Your topic is a topic that is very "marketable" in a book.

3. You regularly support other author events, ie book signings and lectures.

4. You regularly visit bookstores, know what the trends are and know (and read) some of the best sellers.

5. You have a website AND a blog to sell / market your book. (You blog regularly and have a following, right?)

6. You've published articles or regularly speak / lecture thereby you have an "audience" for your book.

7. You research and read books / magazines on publishing or go to writer's conferences or are apart from a writer's group – either online or offline.

8. You know a professional graphic designer, PR Coach, editor and webmaster – or at least know where to hire one.

9. You have a written marketing plan and know how you're going to sell your book- before you've written it.

10. You have at least 10 to 20 hours a week to promote your book and have money for a PR Coach.

If you have answered "yes" to 7 or more of these questions, you are a good candidate to be a successful author. If not, you now have a guideline us to what to do before you start the publishing process.