Golf Swing Analysis – Biomechanics of Golf Swing – A Narrative

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A good golf swing produces a good shot, period. The biomechanics of the golf swing is not a bunch of random parts. No one, and I mean no one, can learn to swing as a series of move this, then this, then this, now this, & then that. It has got to be something that just happens, without conscious thought. The good news is that you probably have a good athletic setup and all you need is to brush it up and be more relaxed. An athletic golf stance and setup is the launching pad for your swing.

The Swing

The left foot is slightly open as this makes it easier for the body to follow through. The right foot should be placed straight forward from the body, at a right angle to the line of flight, so that when you swing the weight will come on the inside of the foot to be able to push away and do the follow through. This position will make your arms hang comfortably in front of your body, to be able to swing more freely. The backswing now starts with the initial rotation – shoulders, hips, hands and arms – an almost simultaneous movement. The downswing begins by pushing your weight from right to left and rotating the body and hips. Remember it is a swing and not a hit. And that is how to perform the perfect golf swing. See, it’s that easy. (Stop yelling, I’m just joking!)

The Ball

How do you set up to the ball? There isn’t one prescribed ball position, but most of the better players have a ball position that is toward the instep of the left foot. Addressing the ball, both arms are straight but relaxed, and the left shoulder is higher than the right due to the position of the hands. The hands are slightly in front of the ball. After addressing the ball, start your pivot by shifting back to your right foot. On impact the hips are turned with the shoulders parallel to the ball. The ball is said to leave the tee at about 140 mph with a backspin of fifty to sixty rotations per second. Just recall the fantastic feeling when you hit a great shot and imagine that feeling happening every time you hit the ball.


Every night on the Golf Channel, there are new tips to try. The magazines have new tips every month. Now with the advent of the Internet, online golf tips are rampant. You can get the info to help you delivered to you in seconds, if you want.


For an average golfer, on a Par 72, you would conceivably hit 14 drives, 4 fairway woods, 18 mid to short iron shots, and 36 putts. Overall, you can help your golf swing a lot more by hitting 30 to 40 shots in a practice session than hammering 60-100 balls in the same amount of time. Because a truly great swing is judged by how the missed shots turn out. After all, even Ben Hogan admitted to only hitting a few “perfect” shots per round.

The classic golf swing is grooved through practice As long as you’re working on the fundamentals, you’ll be working toward developing a consistently good golf swing. The best golfers in the world spend 6-8 hour a day learning the complexities of the traditional golf swing. Getting overwhelmed with swing mechanics will get you farther away from your goal of a proper golf swing. The range is where you do the work; the course is where you play. There’s more to golf than your swing.

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