How To Recognize Your Personal Style

Most women I talk to about fashion or personal style say they don’t really have a sense of style – they just go by how they feel when they wake up in the morning.

Still, I have to believe that’s not really the case. Think back to when you were 10, 11 or 12 years old (some of you even EARLIER THAN THAT!). I think at that age, as girls, we start to experiment with style by figuring out what we feel more comfortable in. Some girls acquire their “tomboy” status very early on and stay with that trend until puberty sets in, other girls right off the bat just feel better when they are in tight shoes or a pretty frilly dress.

If you stop and think back to when you were a little girl, you will be very surprised to realize that the style you chose then is probably still with you today. Albeit, at 30 something, I doubt you will be walking around in a headband and jogging pants (at least I hope not and only if you’re in a gym!) BUT, you will probably be one of those women that tend to stay away from high heels and skirts if possible!

Personally, I am an in-between sort of girl. I like my clothing to be somewhat comfortable but I don’t want to come across as being “a slob”. I am sometimes caught in apparel that is TOO casual, just as many times I have been caught “Overdressed” or dressed to kill (the latter which I prefer!).

Take a moment, retrace your steps and go back to where it all began. As a little girl, did you find yourself changing into different outfits through-out the day? Guess what, you’re probably still doing it today! How many times do you find yourself changing outfits in the morning before heading out the door? For those little girls who loved to play in their jeans and sneakers – I envy YOU because you are the women today that no matter what you wear – you look and feel great in!

I tried to be a tomboy, it didn’t really work for me because my mother – God Bless her – always wanted me in frilly, lacy, girly type clothes – so by the time I became a teenager – I just wanted to break free (yes we all did) – and ironically enough I chose the gothic route.

Funny, as I look at my closet full of clothes and realize I own a LOT OF BLACK and DARK BROWN CLOTHING!

Coincidence – I think not!

I’m glad though, having 2 daughters of my own, I can already see their fashion statements and they are both under 10 !! I don’t try to change them, I don’t even question what they want to wear. When we go clothes shopping – we go together and we ALWAYS compromise. I’ll let them choose their own clothes but they have to be in my budget. It usually works out very well and it’s amazing to watch these “little women” choose their colors and stylish trends at such a young age, I am actually looking forward to watching them grow into beautiful and very stylish young women.

Of course, they will rebel at some point and I’ll be ready for them with frills, lace and sneakers in hand.