Want to Lose Those Ugly Pounds This Week?

Do you find yourself wondering how seem people can eat almost anything and everything and not get fat? It has always baffled me, especially since I'm the polar opposite and seem to gain weight watching a commercial about on the Food Network. Up until now, that is. I've figured out a secret way to drop those ugly pounds fairly easily. My research has discovered that there are some foods which cause your body to burn more fat than it normally would. This means that if you eat some of these foods, you can get your body to burn that fat that is stored.

First of all, let's answer this question, "What is fat?" The answer is that fat is a compound made up on glycerol and fatty acids. This is required as a source of energy for our muscles. But excess fat makes us obese and overweight.

Our metabolism is what our bodies use to control the amount of fat that is stored. But our metabolism works most efficiently with natural whole foods. Many years ago, before we ate food that was altered and laden with chemicals and fat, our metabolism worked just fine. An obese person was seldom seen.

With today's new style of food, which is filled with fat, sugar, salt, etc., our bodies do not know what to do with it all. Consequently, our bodies in the modern age store all the excess fat and non-desirable stuff. To top it off, many people today do not have an active lifestyle. This is what fuels the obesity epidemic of today.

The typical overweight person today has a hard time doing a simple physical activity without breaking in a sweat. Let me ask you, have you ever been physically worn out when going to the mall or running around town doing errands?

There is an additional strain on your heart, lungs, and muscles when a person is overweight. Studies have shown that a person who carries excess fat put undue damage on almost every part of the body. This fat should be reduced and removed in order to live a happier and healthier life. Our bodies are not intended to carry a lot of extra weight. When one does, a person's health is dramatically at risk. Depending on the amount of stored excess fat, a person's life can be at risk, as well.

Now what should a person do to get your body back in shape? It is simply that you need to ingest less energy than you burn. This tells your metabolism to use up some, and eventually all, of that excess fat that's been stored. Follow these steps: 1) Eat a smaller amount of food and 2) Move your body more to burn more energy.

Any person who is new to this will have a hard time developing an exercise regimen. Begin slowly and you can start by eating smaller amounts of food which means you will use a smaller amount of energy than what you burn. Quite fortunately, I found in my research some excellent foods which let me to do this effortlessly … and it helped me lose weight quickly [http://dietplantoday.com].

I was on a massive search to find the kinds of foods which have the smallest amount of calories or energy. In my reasoning, I could still eat as much as I wanted to but still burn that fat and no longer be the fat girl. Man, was I shocked because I had no idea how powerful this method would actually be!

My diet consist of healthy cereal, salads, and veggie soup for the week. I was amazed to see that I lost six pounds at the end of the week. Try it, it could not be easier!