Marketing in Music – Diversifying

Diversifying has become one of the most important factors with marketing in music online today. In order to become successful in today’s music industry, whether you are a local musician or in an indie band, you have to be able to manage your online presence wisely.

One of the first things to consider when you plan your marketing in music strategies are the overwhelming number of musicians or bands that are online and in the same position as you. There are tens of millions of music profiles on MySpace for example. But MySpace has increasingly become less popular or active these days than other social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook. That is why it is not enough to simply create your music profile on MySpace and think that you will magically become the next greatest thing to hit the online scene. If that’s your marketing in music strategy than you will only find yourself lost amongst the other MySpace musicians or bands whose profiles are collecting virtual dust while the tumble weeds roll through the bottoms of their pages.

One of the best things to do is to join several quality musician promotion sites. By increasing your presence on several different indie music sites, you are reaching out and networking to those who have found those particular websites interesting or helpful.

An important thing to remember is that one site’s user base is going to be different than another site’s user base. Sure you are going to find some familiar names and faces as you implement this marketing in music strategy. But for the most part, you will be expanding your network to more targeted people when joining multiple relevant sites. When you join several other smaller music communities online, your ability to find and to be found by other musicians and bands increases. You also have to figure that you are networking with others that were smart enough to do the same. So now you are not only expanding your network in quantity, but more importantly in quality.

The key to this marketing in music strategy is in surrounding yourself with others who also believe in themselves enough to take things to the next level. So whether you are a musician or in a band, you will be expanding your network in a more meaningful way. If you’re a musician, you are now more likely to collaborate with others who are serious enough to network just like you. If you’re in a band, then your band will gain more loyal music fans. All of this is very important when planning your marketing in music efforts online.