Guide to Selling Mobile Content

You have probably seen the commercials for Glomobi World of Mobile telling you to text LOVE or JOKE to 66466. When the wireless phone bill arrives, you are shocked to see you have been charged $ 30 per keyword. As upsetting as this may be, there is a way you can score cash in this multi-billion dollar mobile content game. This guide will give you some tips and ideas on how to do just that. Here are a few sites that can help you take advantage of the mobile content boom.

1. OneBip

OneBip is a new mobile payment method that allows websites to accept micropayments from mobile phone users. Merchants can register for free to accept payments on their website. OneBip is definitely the way to go if you have your own website and do not need a store hosted by a third party.

2. BlogStar is a monetized social network that allows users to upload wallpapers and ringtones and earn revenue. The site also allows a user to send a wallpaper or ringtone as a gift to their friends. Payout requires a minimum balance of $ 100 and is sent 90 days at the end of each month.

3. Phone Sherpa

Phone Sherpa offers both a free store and a Plus store to sellers. Items uploaded to the store are available immediately without approval. Sellers who signup for the free store will only receive 8% of the amount charged for the content. Payments are made on the first of each month via PayPal.

4. TexTango

Allows unsigned bands to signup and sell their albums to visitors. A few major labels also have albums available for purchase on the site. Unlike traditional online music stores, TexTango charges song downloads to the music fan's wireless phone bill.

5. Jivjiv

Jivjiv offers a free Basic Store and a Premium Store to sellers. Royalty payments to sellers vary at the price level. Items uploaded to the store can take about a day to get approved. The site requires a minimum balance of $ 25 to receive a check.

6. MyNuMo

MyNuMo is a social network that allows users to sell mobile content. The site allows users to create and sell ringtones, images, videos, and music. Content is reviewed and approved in about a day. The site requires a minimum balance of $ 10 to receive payment via PayPal.

7. TextMarks

TextMarks is a very useful service because it allows anyone to create information services using SMS. Users may also choose to charge a premium for their services and earn revenue. One of the features I found fascinating is the ability to grab text from a webpage and have it sent to your phone.

8. SendMe Mobile

If you do not have your own content to sell, consider signing up as an affiliate for SendMe Mobile. This affiliate program offers high-payouts to publishers who refer to subscribers to their site. SendMe Mobile uses the trusted affiliate network AzoogleAds to run the program and manage affiliates.

There are a variety of choices for entrepreneurs to beginning selling mobile content online. Take a close look at each site to decide which one is for you. After perusing the aforementioned websites, you will be one step closer to making money in no time!