How to Speed ​​Up Your Slow PC – New Tools Make it Easy!

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After using our computers for months and years, they inevitably begin to slow down. The truth is that computers are delicate machines that we often take for granted and neglect, until the day arrives that we can no longer check our email or surf the internet. Action must be taken as soon as possible to get us back in touch with the world. Here's what you need to do.

If your computer was running fine and suddenly becomes noticeably slow, your first thought should be that your computer has contracted a virus or some form of spyware or malware. you should be running some sort of anti virus program and also an anti spyware program. If you are not, and your computer is connected to the internet, you are playing with fire and will get burned. These days anti virus programs are an absolute necessity. Fortunately very good software is available for free on the internet. Get it, install it and run a complete system check. If you had anti virus programs installed, make sure the software is working and is up to date.

If after checking for viruses your computer is still sluggish, the next step is to clean the registry. This sounds a little daunting but there's no need to panic. Search online for a registry cleaner program. There are several goods ones out there for free. Once you install the program, the cleaning part is automatic.

The last thing you can do is remove all necessary programs that run on your computer. Often programs start automatically when you turn on your computer and serve no purpose other than using critical system memory. Get rid of them and free up valuable resources.